Real-time error highlighting in Flash Builder 4.7 Beta

All Flash Builder 4.5/4.6 coders might have used this nice feature called ‘Live error highlighting’. It shows an orange squiggly mark in editor whereever undefined references are used.

In Flash Builder 4.7 this feature is more advanced. We get to see all kinds of errors, not just undefined references (Syntactical/Semantic compiler errors) as and when you type something. However, this feature is enabled only for ActionScript and ActionScript Library project.

What else? How do you use this feature effectively? Flash Builder provides Quick Fixes for undefined reference errors. If the compiler error at the point can be fixed by Flash Buider’s “Quick Fixes”, you will see a light bulb icon on the left ruler of current editor.  There are many ways to apply Quick Fix to a problem.

1. Click on that light bulb icon to invoke Quick Fixes for that particular problem. All available proposals are displayed.

2. Mouse hover on any undefined identifier. It should popup a small window with all available Quick Fix proposals. Select any of them to apply the “fix” on editor.

3. Invoke Quick Fix by pressing the classic shortcut Ctrl+1(CMD+1 on Mac). Flash Builder moves your cursor to the start of undefined reference and displays all available Quick Fixes.

4. Apply Quick Fix from Problems View. Right click on the error and click on “Quick Fix”. Select any of one of the proposals from the table in dialog.



Happy AS3 coding!

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